Posted by alkebu

Who wants that the situation in Congo remains the same?
Who is befitting from this war?

When people are dying in Kivu forest, the international community is organising endless meeting. Yet those meetings have proven already their limits in getting solution to the crisis in Eastern DRC. How can then they keep on calling for ceasefire between the belligerents to allow the creation of a humanitarian safe lane to access the over 200,000 displaced people seeking for a safe place, without food, shelter, medical care and so on. And these are children, women, old people and here we are talking about the North Kivu province in the rain season. Its rains everyday.

Why a humanitarian lane only instead of imposing to belligerents to end the hostilities and let people return back to their home where they know how to deal with the rain season. I am sure 100% that even the humanitarian will not manage to handle the disease bricking in those improvised camps.
What is the international community waiting for to impose peace in this part of Congo?
Are over 5,000,000 dead in ten years not enough? Do we still need more dead for the world to understand that genocide does not justify another one?

Are we sending a dark cat to search for a dark rat in darkness? The conflict is darker up to such a level that no one has a clear picture and no one seems to understand anything anymore, even local people themselves.
2006 elections, fully supported by the international community, have been a great hope for stability and peace in this huge country in the heart of Africa. Since then all the peace conferences on international and local level have put forward sustainable solutions for the communities in conflicts for lasting and definitive tranquillity in this region.
So why has now the war resumed

Why it is when Chinese are taking over the exploitation of Kivu mines that the war resumed? Who are the buyers of the coltan and caciterite of the Kivu? Who can name the dark multinational mafia behind the Blood Coltan trafficking and the War Lords in Kinshasa and Kivu?
For the sake of the life 200’000 displaces people, of millions of raped women, millions of death, can you stop buying and providing the market with this coltan and caciterite of blood? Can you stop closing your eyes because of economic interests?