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Daniel Kambere was born on the 11 September 1964 in Oicha, near Beni,
in what was then Zaire. He attended his primary school and
part of his secondary school in Oicha and Beni, and also completed
his humanitarian studies there.
In 1986-1989 he completed his higher education in Plastic Arts
at the painting department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Kinshasa.



Kambere draws his inspiration from black African art, from daily life and from contemporary art in general. In the last years he has also turned his attention to the material assembly technique, and works on elaborating a particular pictorial grammar: the proper use of soft and hard materials, like canvas, sheets, wood, paper, metals, etc. This aim originates from his anxiety to ‘reconcile man with himself’ for the reconstruction of a world based on human values.