The Salaam Kivu International Film Festival (SKIFF) is organized by Yolé!Africa and Alkebu Film Productions on the initiative of Congolese Filmmaker, Petna Ndaliko. The first edition was held in October 2005 in Goma, Eastern DRCongo. It was the first international film festival in DRCongo.

SKIFF is a 10 day festival that includes film screenings followed by community discussions; a series of workshops including video production and editing, music video creation, audio recording, music composition and performance, poetry and storytelling, hip hop and contemporary dance; as well as hosting live concerts and a dance competition. Each year the events and activities of SKIFF are oriented around a specific theme that is relevant to current events in the region.

SKIFF supports capacity building in the arts and aims to raise the regional production level as well as providing talented young people with learning opportunities. As such, SKIFF has become a well-recognized platform of exchange between artists and individuals / entities that facilitate and promote cultural expression.

The 7th edition of SKIFF will take place from 06-15 July, 2012. The theme for this year’s festival, NIWAKATI!, represents the third phase of a three-year exploration of the 50th anniversary of independence in DRCongo. This three-part project, which began in 2010, involves remembering the past, in order to cultivate a better understanding of the present, and, with that knowledge, to fully seize the future.